Here at Blue Label Farms,we strive to grow top quality products using the most sustainable and organic growing methods available. Our USDA Certified Organic program gives our community access to a wide variety of fresh and healthy edible plants for their gardens and kitchens.  Additionally, our conventionally grown premium color program is grown free of neonicotinoids to help save our friendly pollinators. Scroll down to learn more about the practices that drive us to grow the best, cleanest, freshest quality plants anywhere.


At Blue Label Farms, we are constantly exploring new methods to improve our use of resources to protect the environment.  It is our passion to grow clean, organic plants that have a positive effect on the environment around us. To grow green, and responsibly, we rigorously assess our imprint and abide by guiding principles to ensure we are making a positive environmental impact in everything we do.


Use water more efficiently.

Decrease chemical applications.

Limit the company’s waste stream.

Recycle where we can and reuse materials whenever practical.

Support our customers in their attempt to use sustainable practices.


Annually install Energy Curtain in all heated areas for 65% increase in heating efficiency as predicted by USDA software.

We have implemented a beneficial insect program to keep harmful pests under control. This has dramatically reduced the amount of chemical sprays we use.

We reuse pots whenever possible

Recycle unusable plastic pots, labels and trays.

Compost all organic waste.

Reduced production shrink through better crop planning and scheduling targeting 100% sell-through.

Production management. Focus on reduced shrink through improved uniformity and quality control.

Recycle poly greenhouse film.

We have a program where we pickup old plastic pots from many landscape and retail customers for recycling.

Continue to improve water management of soil mix through trials with new water retention amendments.

How we make a difference in Wylie

Reduce fuel use per plant for delivery in rented trucks. Developed portable E-Track grid system to get the same efficiency as with our own trucks.

Collect and recycle scrap steel.

Have transitioned to more efficient greenhouse heaters that get 99.7% efficiency vs 80% efficiency.

Replaced greenhouse glass with Double Poly for 70% energy savings.

Replaced Styrofoam as a soil media component with bio-degradable rice hulls and/or perlite.

Capture Irrigation run-off for monitoring prior to release into surface stream.

Shifted to plastic pots that are made with recycled plastics and use 40% less plastic.

Use Drip irrigation for 70% reduction in water use vs overhead sprinklers.

Shifted to roll-form greenhouse structures that are engineered to use less steel per square foot.

Recycle cardboard boxes.

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